AUTHOR: Dănuţ PRISECARU, Costel ILIE THE REINTERPRETATION OF SOME ARTEFACTS DISCOVERED IN CAVADINEŞTI ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE, GALAŢI COUNTY Danubius, XXXII, Galati, 2014, pp. 47-70. Abstract The current study aims to publish some artefacts connected to the textile production during the Late Bronze Age – Noua Culture. These objects were discovered at Cavadineşti-„Râpa Glodului”, in Galaţi County….

AUTHOR: Dănuţ PRISECARU SOME POSSIBILE SPIRITUAL IMPLICATIONS OF TEXTILE PRODUCTION, DURING THE BRONZE AGE Danubius, XXXIII, Galaţi, 2015, pp. 181-200. Abstract In this paper, we will try to find out the spiritual implications of textile production in the Bronze Age, examining the ways in which this could interfere with various other forms of community externalization….