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Danubius XXIX summaries




Costel ILIE, Mircea NICU, Adrian ADAMESCU, Paul CIOBOTARU, Daniela ALECSA, The Preventive Research from Negrileşti – School Yard Site, 2011 Campaign, pp.7-19

Paul CIOBOTARU, Historical and Archaeological Realities on the Valley of the Siret River (IVth Century BC - 1st Century AD), pp. 21-60

Aurel VÎLCU, Costel ILIE, Golden Staters from the Collections of the History Museum of Galaţi, pp.61-76

Decebal NEDU, Q. Fabius Rullianus and the Etruscan War from 311-308 B.C., pp.77-84

Andreea BARBOŞ, Limitations of the Involvement of Women in the Roman Public Life, during the Republic, pp.85-94


Nicolae BACALBAŞA, Stănileşti 1711 – Objective and Subjective, pp.95-104


Maria Magdalena TULUŞ, Demographic and Ethnic Aspects in the View of the Foreigners That Travelled to the Harbours of the Danube (1801-1853), pp.105-123

Paul PĂLTĂNEA, V.A. Urechia.  Conversations with the Felibres, pp. 125-147

Eugen DRĂGOI, The Church “The Dormition of the Theotokos” from Roşcani, Galaţi County. Some Unpublished Documentary Testimonies, pp.149-161

Constantin ARDELEANU, Some Information Regarding the Prisons of Galaţi at the Middle of the XIXth Century, pp.163-167

Elena-Ingrid BAHAMAT, Views on the Costs of Life in Galaţi, at the End of the XIXth Century and the Beginning of the XXth, pp.169-203

Daniela BUŞĂ, Investments of Foreign Capital in the Romanian Economy at the Beginning of the XXth Century, pp.205-218

Mariana-Delia POHRIB, The Constitutive Act and the Statutes of the Bulgarian Community from Galaţi (1930), pp. 219-236


Florian BANU, The Imprint of the Securitate on the Destiny of a Man of Culture - Nicolae Carandino (1905 - 1996), pp. 237-255

Liviu ŢĂRANU, Coordinates of the Economic Strategy in Communist Romania (1953-1989), pp. 257-266

George ENACHE, Romania’s Relations with the International Terror Movements in the 1970s-1980s, pp. 267-290


Ludmila CHICIUC, Notes Regarding the Historical Perspectives of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, pp. 291-296

Ovidiu NEDU, A Buddhist Major Work: Vasubandhu, IJÑAPTIM$TRAT$SIDDHI. VIM]IK$K$RIK$ with IM]IK$K$RIK$V\TTI (The Establishment of the Sole Existence of Representations. The Treatise in 20 Verses, with the Commentary on the Treatise in 20 Verses), pp. 297-323

Marius MITROF, Architecture and Private Space. The Mansion from Ghidigeni , pp. 325-348

Viorica PISICĂ, Mihail Kogălniceanu’s Monument in Galaţi, pp. 349-356


Corneliu MORARU, The Restoration of a Polish Cavalry Sword from the Middle of the XVIIth Century, pp. 357-364


Virgil Nistru ŢIGĂNUŞ, An Eulogy for an Awake Spirit. The Historian Mihai Cojocaru (1929-2011), pp. 365-368


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