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Danubius XXI summaries

Dragoş MĂNDESCU,  Helix-shaped tip pins

Costin CROITORU, About the Roman  presence in the South of Moldavia and the role of the castellum discovered at Galaţi. Reading notes (I)

Sorin LANGU, The phenomenon of hoarding,  in the extra-Carpathian territories, during the VIIIth-XIVth centuries

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, A historical note about a diplomatic letter of Ion Ghica

Elena-Ingrid BAHAMAT, Liberal legislation for stimulating the national industry (1881-1887). The law from 1887 in Parliament debates

Constantin ARDELEANU, Nicolae Titulescu and the European Commission of the Danube. Some echoes regarding Titulescu’s interview from „Le Temps” – July 1936

Ştefan STANCIU, Romania’s position towards the Great Powers, regarding the navigation on the Maritime Danube in the period before the Second World War

Florian BANU, Some aspects regarding the Convention of Armistice from September 1944 and the Romanian oil

Sorin GEACU, A initiative of sustainable development in the Covurlui Hills – 1930-1948: plans for the exploitation of pasture-lands

Mihai MAXIM, Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, A rare piece from the collection of weapons of the History Museum of Galaţi

Viorica-Steluţa PISICĂ, Testimonies of the urban vernacular architecture in Galaţi

Gabriel VEDEŞ,  Romania’s legislation in the field of the protection and preservation of the immobile patrimony – historical and architectural monuments, after 1989 (II)

Sandu SINDILE,The restoration of a bust of prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza

Costel ILIE, Dan-Basarab NANU, Archaeological testimonies regarding the evolution of the town of Galaţi, during the modern period

Albert BALTRES, A geological study of some monuments from the Lapidarium of the History Museum of Galaţi

Dan LĂZĂRESCU, Stephanno Zannovich – a fraud man of letters from the XVIIIth century. Bio-bibliographic report

Liviu ŢĂRANU, Romanian wine during Dej’s period


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