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Danubius XXII summaries


Dragoş MĂNDESCU,  A few considerations on the Orlea-Maglavit fibula type

Sorin LANGU, Considerations about hoarding during the time of Stephen the Great

Dan LĂZĂRESCU, A statue - donation of Stephen the Great

Claudiu NEAGOE, The first attempt to turn Wallachia into an Ottoman province: the Mehmed Bey episode (1522)

Ioan-Aurel POP, Cristian LUCA, Information on the area of the Lower Danube, in Venetian sources from the XVIth – XVIIth centuries

Eugen ZUICĂ, Information regarding the Romanian principalities from some less known Italian works (XVIth – XVIIIth)

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, New documents concerning the Moldavian-Polish relations during the reign of Mihai Racovita

Cristian LUCA, Contemporary testimonies regarding the port of Galaţi, during the years 1796-1797

Gabriela-Ana COSTIN, The courts from Galati, during the second half of the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth century

Elena Ingrid BAHAMAT, In Galaţi, around the year 1900

Constantin ARDELEANU, Romanian-British exchanges at the Lower Danube in the Framework of Romania’s Foreign Trade (1901-1914)

Marian GHIŢĂ, What does the concept of “South-eastern Europe” mean?

Sorin GEACU, Bogdan POPA, Dorasca-Barcea forest (from the Plains of Tecuci), one century ago and today

Liviu ŢĂRANU, A controversial aspect of the historiography dealing with the Communist regime: the national character of the anti-Communist armed resistance (1948-1962)

Cezar AVRAM, Justice and dispossession in Romania, during the popular government

Costel ILIE, Mircea NICU, Notes on some monetary treasures discovered in the area of Tecuci

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Miscellanea Historica (II). Additamenta iconographica (I)

Viorica-Steluţa PISICĂ, The  restoration of “Cuza Vodă House” from Galati, in 1938

Viorica-Steluţa PISICĂ, The electronic records of the immobile patrimony of Galati county

Elena Ingrid BAHAMAT, Questionnaire for identifying the target public of the History Museum of Galati – 2003. Final considerations

Costin CROITORU, About «Ancient memory and medieval ethno-cultural identities». Reading notes (III).


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