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Danubius XXVI summaries

Paul CIOBOTARU, Daniela ALECSĂ,  A Scythian Dagger Found at Buciumeni, Galaţi County

Decebal NEDU, Apulia between Rome, Tarentum and the Samnite League (326 B.C. - 315 B.C.)

Costin CROITORU, Glass Beakers Discovered in the Area of Sântana de Mureş Culture, from the East of the Carpathian Mountains

Eugen DRĂGOI, The Priest Nicolae Dragoş, from Galaţi, and His Chronicle

Paul PĂLTĂNEA, Some Contributions to the History of the Hospitals of Galaţi, up to 1918

Ingrid – Elena BAHAMAT, Private Space in the City of Galaţi (1883-1914), Attitudes And States of Mind

Constantin ARDELEANU,The National Cause in Nicolae Petrescu’s Publications (1915-1920)

Maria – Magdalena TULUŞ, Aspects of the Evolution of the Ports on the Danube and the Harbour Masters Offices, between 1878-1916

Alexandru DUŢĂ,A Document Regarding the Preparation of the Pruth River for Navigation at the Beginning of the XXth Century

Arthur TULUŞ, The Judicial Statute of the Danube, Involved in International Negotiations and Agreements, after the End of the First World War and until the Time of the Danube Conference from Belgrad (1945-1948)

Nicolae BACALBAŞA, General Al. N. Narbut, Journal of the Campaign in Dobrudja (1877)

Neculai STAICU-BUCIUMENI, The Great Political Personality, Nicolae Filipescu, and His Achievements at „Dealu” Monastery

Cristian Ovidiu NEDU, Aitareya Upanisad (Introductory Study, Translation and Notes)

Lucian PETROAIA, 330 Years since the Printing of the Missal of His Holiness Dosoftei, at Iaşi, in 1679

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Bibliographic Notes Regarding Biblie. N.T. Tetraevangheliar, Alep, 1708

Anca – Elisabeta TATAY, Incursion into the Engravings from the Old Romanian Books from Buda (1780-1830)

Olimpia MITRIC, From the History of the Researches on Old Books in the Historical Bukovina

Radu Ştefan VERGATTI, Romanian Humanism and Nicolae Spătarul Milescu

Klaus BOCHMANN, Dimitrie Cantemir – a Representative of the European Culture

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, The Works of Dimitrie Cantemir. Annotated Bibliographic Account

Victor GHILAŞ, The Musical Tradition of Catemir Family

Elena TIRZIMAN, Dina PALADI, Dimitrie Cantemir and Antioh Dimitrievici Cantemir, as Depicted in Some Documents Belonging to the Collections of the National Library of Romania

Nicolae KOPANEV, About the First Edition of the Satires of Antioh Cantemir

Oana DUGAN, The Actuality of the Information Conveyed by Nicolae Milescu-Spătaru in Travel Journal to China and the Description of China

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