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Danubius XXV summaries

Gabriel TALMAŢCHI,  The circulation of North-Pontic coins within the territory situated between the Danube and the Black Sea (VI-th century BC – I-st century AD)

Paul CIOBOTARU, Considerations regarding the documentation of the ritual of inhumation at the Carpians

Cristina PARASCHIV - TALMAŢCHI, Viewpoint concerning the ceramic decorative motifs from the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic area (VIIIth – XIth centuries) (II)

Mircea NICU, Costel ILIE, The medieval coinage thesaurus discovered at Ţepu, Galaţi County

Paul PĂLTĂNEA, Disappeared toponyms from the watershed of Covurlui

Costin CROITORU, Pamfil Polonic and his researches on the South Moldavian “trojans”

Costin CROITORU, Some evidence about the Romanians’ awareness of their Roman origin, taken from the newspapers from the middle of the XIXth century

Bernd H. KORTSCHAK, The Channel Rhine – Main – Danube. A dream which came true

Elena-Ingrid BAHAMAT, Public space in the town of Galati (1883 – 1914). Attitudes and states of mind

Constantin I. STAN, The arrival of the French military mission led by the General M. Berthelot to Romania

Eugen HOLBAN, Romanian folk costume: the skirt and the apron

Eugen DRĂGOI, A „visit”of Saint John Chrysostom to Braila and Galati … 135 years ago

Lucian PETROAIA, A celebration of the Romanian culture - 500 years since the printing of the first book on the territory of Romania: the Missal of the monk Macarie (1508-2008)

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Additions to the Bibliography of Old Romanian Books (II). (Corrigenda – XVII-th century)

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Notes of sigillography (II). A catalogue of the seals of the villages and churches from the previous counties of Covurlui and Tecuci (1834-1865)

Mihalache BRUDIU, Documentation regarding the preservation of the Roman Wall, between Traian and Tuluceşti

Costin CROITORU, Aurelii Victoris Historiae Abbreviatae. Reading Notes (IV)

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