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Danubius XXIV summaries

Costin CROITORU,  Some considerations about the civilian settlements from the proximity of the North Danubian limes of the Roman province Moesia Inferior

Mircea NICU, Costel ILIE, The archaeological researches from Adam monastery, Drăguşeni commune, Galati district

Mircea NICU, Costel ILIE, The necropolis of „Naşterea Maicii Domnului-Negustori” Church, Nicoresti commune, Galati district

Mircea NICU, Costel ILIE, Archaeological discoveries at „Sf. Nicolae –Banu” Church, Nicoresti commune, Galati district

Gabriel TALMAŢCHI, Aspects concerning the economic and commercial conditions that favoured the appearance and the development of the monetary workshops in the West-pontic towns from Dobruja, during the autonomous period

Sorin LANGU, Considerations about the history of the extra-Carpathian territory, during X-th-XIII-th centuries

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Historical considerations on several pieces of armature (mail shirts) used by Romanians during the XV-th century

Claudiu NEAGOE, Ottoman mercenaries in the armies of the Romanian  principalities, during the XVIth – XVIIIth  century

Costin CROITORU, Gabriela APOSTU, Some archaeological  initiatives reflected by the newspapers from the middle  of  the  XIXth  century. Ghica and Mavros collections

Ştefan STANCIU, February 11, 1866: from „revolution” to coup d’état (a short case analysis)

Elena-Ingrid BAHAMAT, Liberalism and liberals in Galati, at the end of the XIX-th century

Constantin I. STAN, General Henry M. Berthelot – the commander-in-chief of the allied armies from the Danube,  in 1918

Sorin GEACU, Constantin LOGHIN, From the history of the forest management in the South-East of Moldavia –  Griviţa forest range

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Additions to the Bibliography of old Romanian books

D.R. BUZDUGAN, I. CAPSALI, From the private correspondence of the musicologist Stan Golestan

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Varia historica (II)

Viorica-Steluţa PISICĂ, Historical information on the building of the Palace of Justice from Galati

Sorina CALOIAN, The adult education in the history of the Romanian society

Elena-Ingrid BAHAMAT, The dining halls of old … Decorative art: the second half of the XIX-th  century – the first half of the XX-th century

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