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Danubius XXIII summaries


Costin CROITORU,  Some considerations about the civilian settlements from the proximity of the North Danubian limes of the Roman province Moesia Inferior

Ion PĂTRAŞCU, Some discoveries from the IVth century A.D. in Teleorman County

Pavel MIREA, The Sântana de Mureş-Cerneahov funeral discoveries from  Lăceni-Cioroaica, Teleorman County

Sorin LANGU, Aspects of the monetary circulation between the years 700-971 on the South and East of the Carpathian Mountains

Marian STROIA, A less known document related to the Prut Campaign of 1711

Claudiu NEAGOE, The Romanian unity during the Phanariot century. Myth or historical reality?

Gabriela APOSTU, Costin CROITORU, Some  initiatives  of  encouraging  the Romanian historiography reflected in the newspapers from  the middle  of  the  XIXth  century

Ştefan STANCIU, Freight transports done by the Greek fleet on the maritime Danube between 1847 and 1861

Sorin GEACU, Contributions to the knowledge of Moldavian forests. Bârlad forest Region III in 1907

Gabriela-Ana COSTIN, The German invasion in Western Europe. Reactions and reflections of the Romanian journals

Costel ILIE, Mircea NICU, The monetary thesaurus from Ţigăneşti, Munteni village, Galaţi County

Carol KÖNIG, Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU,  Marginalia to two rare pieces of weaponry

Dan RÂPĂ-BUICLIU, Miscellanea historica (III). Documenta et sphragistica

Ion ROGOJANU, A hitherto unpublished document concerning the descendants of prince Alexandru Ioan I Cuza

Elena-Ingrid BAHAMAT, Memorial values from the collections of the History Museum of Galati and their role in the study of daily life


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