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Procedure 4

The procedure for the (internal) correction prior to the printing of each journal issue

1. The internal correction prior to magazine printing concerns the proper technical printing (end matter, text editing, language, page layout, etc.) of the Magazine. The Secretary of the Editorial Board sends, in electronic format, the final text of each study / article to Correctors 1, chosen according to the language of the texts.
2. Correctors 1 make the corrections on the digital format for each received study / article. The English Translator checks abstracts, key words and summaries, which he / she shall confront, if applicable, with their Romanian version, and makes any necessary changes.
3. The Translator, after having checked key words, abstracts and summaries (in English), sends the text to Corrector 1.
4. Correctors 1 send the text of the study / article accompanied by key words, abstract, summary and author presentation to the Desktop Publisher.
5. The Desktop Publisher lays the study / article in “magazine format”.
6. The Desktop Publisher prints the study / article and sends it to Corrector 2.
7. Corrector 2 makes corrections on the print, performs any necessary changes on the electronic version, together with the Desktop Publisher.
8. The Desktop Publisher finalizes in electronic format the magazine issue in question.
9. The Desktop Publisher prints the entire issue of the magazine and sends the print to the Editor-in-chief.
10. The Editor-in-chief, after making the corrections he / she deems fit, sends the print to the Desktop Publisher.
11. The Desktop Publisher inserts the corrections in the electronic format.

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