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Procedura 2

Procedure 2

Article Editing in “Danubius” Journal

1. The Desktop Publisher has the general make-up of the magazine, that is, a WORD document with the first pages, the marks of the columns and the styles used.
2. The Desktop Publisher elaborates a work copy of the general make-up which he / she particularizes for each issue, starting with the first pages.
3. The Desktop Publisher receives from Proof Reader 1 each material accompanied by the summary, abstract and key words, as well as the specification of the column it will be included into.
4. The Desktop Publisher introduces each material in the general make-up of the issue, in the respective column.
5. The Desktop Publisher prints the material and sends it to Proof reader 2.
6. After having made the correction, Proof Reader 2, together with the Desktop Publisher, bring the required changes to the electronic version.
7. Operations are repeated 3-6 times for each material.
8. The Desktop Publisher finalizes the respective magazine issue in electronic format, drawing up the table of contents, page indications and numbering printing sheets.
9. The Desktop Publisher prints the entire issue of the magazine and sends it to the Editor-in-chief.
10. After the Editor-in-chef makes the corrections he / she deems fit, the Desktop Publisher receives the print and inserts the corrections in the electronic format.
11. The Desktop Publisher makes the cover.
12. Receiving the permission to print from the Editor-in-chief, the Desktop Publisher turns from WORD into PDF the electronic text of the issue.
13. The Desktop Publisher sends the PDF text and the cover of the respective issue to the Editor-in-chief.

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