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Guidelines for the presentation of manuscripts

We advise authors to present manuscripts according to the guidelines below in order to reduce editing time.

The font used shall be Times New Roman, size 12 for the text, and 10 for the footnotes. The following must be taken into account: the number of the footnote shall be placed before the full stop; the inverted commas before the full stop; no space between a word and the punctuation mark after the word or after the number. WARNING: Careless typing can lead to the rejection of the material!

The material shall be divided in: parts and paragraphs.
Headings shall be centered.
Subchapter titles shall be placed at the beginning of the line.
There is no full stop after titles; the same rule applies to chapter and subchapter titles; titles followed by subtitles are the only exception.
If the paper contains annexes, these shall be placed at the end of the paper, numbered.
Each study must be accompanied by an abstract (40-50 words) which specifies the intention of the analysis and the modes of work, by 5-7 key words and by a summary (one page and a half, size A4, in the above-mentioned standard format, containing the central part of the research and the results), all in English or in the language of the study in question.
Studies sent for publication must not be longer than 30 pp in the said format. Only exceptionally are longer materials accepted for publication. Such texts may be published in several numbers of the Magazine, following thus an older tradition of the Magazine. “Danubius” Magazine publishes materials in Romanian, English, French, German and Russian.

For an accurate writing, we recommend:
Dicţionarul explicativ al limbii române (Academia Română, Institutul de Lingvistică „Iorgu Iordan” ediţia 1996, Editura Univers Enciclopedic)
Dicţionarul ortografic, ortoepic şi morfologic al limbii române (Academia Română,
Institutul de Lingvistică „Iorgu Iordan”, ediţia 2007, Editura Univers Enciclopedic)
The application of the decision of the Presidium of the Romanian Academy concerning the return to the use of “â” and “sunt”
Foreign words inserted in the text shall be put in italics.

Footnotes shall be marked in one way only (with Arabic numerals).
All notes mentioned on one page must be found in the footnote of that page.
Regularly, the order is the following: name and surname of the author, title of the paper (in italics), volume, town, publishing house, year, page/s, for example:
Al. Surdu, Vocaţii filosofice româneşti, Bucureşti, Editura Academiei Române, 1995, p.61, or pp. 61-63.
If there are several notes referring to the same paper:
- immediately after the first reference to the paper, the note shall be replaced by Ibidem, adding the page only;
- when the note appears further on, after other authors, it shall include the name of the author, while the title of the paper and the other data shall be replaced by op. cit.;
- when an author appears with several papers which do not come one after the other, but after other different notes, the note shall include the name of the author, the title of the paper (abbreviated and followed by dots), then the page;
- when an author appears with several papers in the same note, his name shall be replaced by Idem.
All footnotes shall end with a full stop.
Titles of articles / studies published in periodicals or collective volumes shall be cited in the following order: author, title of the article / study (in italics), magazine, volume, year, section, page.
Also, mention the series of the magazine, if applicable (for instance: new series).
The title of the periodical shall be inserted in between inverted commas.
When referring to an archive document, the order of the data shall be the following: archive (initials), fund, inventory (if applicable), file no., page / pages. When two successive notes make reference to the same archive, fund and file, it shall be replaced by Ibidem. If the file differs, the archive and the fund shall be replaced by Idem.
For internet sources, indicate the full address of the web page and the date on which it was accessed.

- Only the newest and most significant papers, of interest to the scope of the magazine, shall be reviewed, irrespective of the language;
- Reviews can be written in Romanian, English, French;
- Only 2 reviews of the same author can appear in one number of the magazine;
- The review, in electronic format, shall be sent to the Secretary of the Editorial Board;
- The title of the review is invariably given by: the name of the author / authors or of the editor / editors, the title of the paper, translator (if applicable), publishing house, place and year of publication, number of pages;
- The end matter and the abbreviations follow the rules above;
- Goals of the review: signaling the appearance of an important paper, presenting the content and the conditions in which the paper in question was published, the critical valuation of the content and of the results of the research presented by the paper, brief presentation (supplemented by footnotes) of the author / authors, editor / editors, respectively, importance of the paper for the area of research.

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