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Publication Norms

The Editorial Office requests that the materials submitted for evaluation and publication to “Danubius” Journal closely follow and observe the indications below. This page must be consulted each time, at certain intervals amendments being allowed, as dictated by the modernization and continual updating of the end matter. The indications below are also improved according to the rate at which certain inconsistencies appear in the materials submitted to the Editorial Office. Texts which do not abide by the rules below shall not be taken into consideration!
The materials for publication shall be sent in the below-designated electronic format directly to the Secretary of the Editorial Board and shall follow procedure 1.
Materials sent to the Editorial Office for publication must be accompanied each time by the Curriculum Vitae of the author, updated and as exhaustive as possible, also containing the contact data which can be made public, should the material in question be published. Also, studies must contain key words, abstract and summary, all of these strictly observing the recommendation of the Journal listed below. Materials sent for publication shall not be returned. Moreover, the Editorial Office reserves the right to bring changes to their form and content.
Since 2008, “Danubius” Journal has used the peer review system for the materials received for publication, observing the applicable international and national norms. The procedure applied by the Journal, by combining the Editorial Board Peer-Review with the Expert Peer-Review, concerns the blind version of this system by which the author of the text is not known by the external reviewers, nor the reviewers are known by the author in order to obtain an impartial evaluation of the reviewed materials. Therefore, authors are asked to refer only generally to their own papers, refraining from any piece of information that might lead to the identification of the author of the reviewed text.
Important: “Danubius” Journal does not accept already published texts or texts to be published in other Journals. They can be published in other publications only in another language than the one used for “Danubius” Journal. The authors can publish the materials printed in “Danubius” Journal in their own volumes. They are responsible for the authenticity of the materials printed in “Danubius” Journal.

Guidelines for the presentation of manuscripts

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